Be Still

Do you like to be still? I have a bit of a struggle with it, especially when I have what I think is a long list of things to accomplish. And then this feeling of being overwhelmed creeps in and that being still is a bad idea. So I throw in a load of laundry and often it takes me some time to gather enough that needs to be washed. There are only 2 of us after all! But that act of getting the things together, putting them in the washer, and pushing the start button soothes me into thinking I’ve done something and can now be still for a bit.

Another thing that helps me to be still is to figure out my plan for the day. This way, my mind isn’t trying to remember what I need to do, it’s all written down and I’ll get it when it’s time. Ideally, I do this in the evening.

be still

What’s the deal with being still? Is it really necessary? I think so. In fact, the more I have going on the more I need stillness. It give me the space I need to pray, to listen to what God needs of me. There is plenty of time to tell God what I need from him, but first thing in the morning I like to ask him what he needs of me. It helps set the tone for the day.

When I miss that time, I know it. Sometimes those around me know it. Does this mean every day I spend and hour or more praying before my day starts? Nope. Some days it’s 5 minutes. But it makes a difference. I encourage you to find a few minutes before the day really begins to ask God what he needs of you. And what he calls you to he will help you accomplish. That is who he is and I eternally rely on God to be beside me in all that happens.

How about you? Does stillness come easily to you? Do you need it?

Be Still
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