Last Saturday was a most blessed day.  The morning was spent at a Magnificat breakfast with Kitty Cleveland as the speaker.  I cannot remember when I have heard a more gifted and anointed speaker.  This is a video of her testimony at a different event.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit and listen.  You will not regret it!

After that fabulous morning we went to Praise & Worship at a friend’s house; the music, prayer and time with our family of faith was so peaceful and joyful.

The last few weeks I have been working on surrendering, and that was the word for Saturday.

Now I am mentally prepping for surgery.  I’ve heard some interesting comments; please put these on what not to say to people list unless you are their very best friend and are sharing genuine care and concern.

  1.  “Foot surgery is very, very painful.  The recovery is difficult.”  Is that why I’m having anesthesia and getting prescription pain medication?  Thanks for sharing, I thought it’d be like a pedicure!
  2. “You’ll be fine.  You’ve given birth.”  Well, true, I have but that was a very long time ago and once it was over, I could walk right away.
  3. “The doctor said you can’t walk on it or drive for 2 months.  Doesn’t he know you have a life?”  Well, yes, he does but he’d like my foot to totally heal so I can dance through the rest of my life.
  4. “Does he know what he is doing?” No, I choose a doctor based on his inability to give me the best possible care.

I know people mean well, but they should think before saying things and maybe have a better tone so I wouldn’t question.

On a positive note, more than one friend has called or texted reminding me to let them help!  They know me well, for this truly will be my biggest challenge.  I am going to ask for help; I promise.  I’ll also ask for visitors when I feel up to it.

I think I have all the supplies for recovery:  tea, pain meds, bag of peas to ice my foot, plenty of books, and graham crackers.  I am covered in prayer for sure thanks to all my dear friends and going to Mass later to get me some Jesus and be anointed.  Can’t think of anything else I need or want.


be still

My post on Stillness is up at Catholic Mom.



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