I have been thinking for a while that I am not a “mom” anymore.  Our children are adults and while we speak regularly and see each other when possible, I don’t feel like a mom as much.  I suppose it is only natural, they grow up and are pretty independent.  While our daughter still relies on us as her main, okay, pretty much only, financial support our son is on his own. 
And so, when I read blogs I seem to read mainly mommy bloggers and at first I thought I was being silly, but then, I read this and thought, “wow, she sums up my thoughts quite nicely.”  While I am slightly further away from menopause, it’s all in there.  The concerns that moms of toddlers and elementary aged children have are so far removed from my life.  I sometimes find myself thinking unkind things towards these people and then have to remind myself potty training is a big deal and so is bed wetting and trying to get your child to sleep and weaning and all of the myriad of others things moms think and/or worry about.  The other part though is this, I think those thoughts are odd because I really didn’t have them, even when my children were young. 

I had a conversation with a long time friend, who has seen me raise my children.  She finally understood why I was so worried about my daughter getting into college.  P:  How much help did you give her filling out these applications? Me:  Not much. P:  But they are so time consuming. Me:  I guess, but she only filled out one.  P: ONE! No wonder you were so on edge about her getting in.  I kept thinking, back then, this is so unlike you. Me:  Yes, well, it really was the one time that everything was riding on one thing.

Pretty much, all the rest: weaning, potty training, bed wetting, thumb sucking, doing well in school, participating in sports and scouts, not a really worry.  I figured, it would all work itself out by the time they left for college.
And you know what?  It did!

So, really I don’t blog as a mom, but just as me.  A faith filled, struggling on her journey, woman who loves her husband and children and would rather read, write, cook and sew than go to work every day.

Blogging as a Mom

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