For various reasons I have been thinking about the purpose of blogs and in particular what is the purpose of my blog.  Some blogs are a part of an Internet presence, such as when a print magazine or newspaper has a blog or group of blogs with posts by popular writers.  There are blogs authored by writers of books.  There are also personal blogs which people write of subjects which are of interest to them.  Some blogs also serve as a public diary of sorts, giving glimpses into people’s personal lives.
I suppose this blog is a combination of the last two.  I write or share information about my Catholic faith and sometimes include personal posts as well. And as I think more about the purpose of this blog, I find myself wondering why I am doing it?  I do enjoy writing and certainly hope people who stop by and read get a bit of food for thought or learn something about Catholicism or are validated in their own journey.  I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I like it when there are comments about a post or a friend tells me he/she enjoys reading what I write.   
Or is this just another way to hear myself talk and be even more certain that I am right?  Should I stick more to book reviews, Catholic info, and scripture?  My other thought is to combine two of my passions, faith and cooking, and post about that on a regular basis. Or keep it as it and go where the Spirit leads me each day.  If you have any thoughts, please share.


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  • June 26, 2010 at 11:42 pm

    Personally, I am an avid reader — always have been. When I read something that strikes me, I underline it. Later I may go back and read a book — underlines only, to renew the insights I read.
    After I retired and had more time, I began to write down insights I received from homilies, during time alone in Adoration, or in relating a number of things I had read or heard. To capture and retain these thoughts, I began to write them down — and when my former co-workers seemed down about work and the economy, I shared some of the more uplifting ones to perhaps build their spirits, as mine had been. It was they who suggested more formal publishing. A much more spiritual friend suggested blogging.
    My focus came naturally, out of my own worries and worries for my friends — I offered my insights to peace, through trust in God. My writings are about my life only insofar as they are examples of how I found peace.
    There are plenty of blogs of blather; there are few of real thinking, spiritual insights, and personal praise of God.
    It would be of value, I believe, to write with those thoughts in mind, so that He might answer your prayer to “Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace.”
    Good luck, and blessings.


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