I love children’s books and since leaving the classroom and my children growing up I do not get to indulge myself in them very often anymore.  But it was hard to resist this book and I am glad I didn’t.  Bambinelli Sunday by Amy Welborn is a great story.  Welborn weaves in facts about an Italian tradition of blessing the baby Jesus for the nativity set with a story about Alessandro and his family.  Without giving away the story, Alessandro is having some struggles in his life so his grandfather suggests making a baby Jesus and Nonna thinks a little trip will help too.  Things don’t work out exactly as Alessandro planned but in the end he learns that sharing gives joy, forgiveness brings happiness and family loves you.
This is not only a wonderful story but the illustrations are bright and colorful, sure to draw children into the story.  
This book would be perfect for Advent and a great tie in to blessing and then setting up your family Nativity.  

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Book review: Bambinelli Sunday, A Christmas Blessing

One thought on “Book review: Bambinelli Sunday, A Christmas Blessing

  • September 23, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    This one looks like a great one to have around each year. I am thinking I may have to get a hold if it! I would recommend a couple other books, seasonal ones by Barbara Ward. She has The Snowman Maker, and The Reindeer Keeper. They are warm and fuzzy books and great family stories. I think they are tear jerkers, but sometimes on a cold day that is not such a bad thing. Her info at barbarabriggsward.com, they are worth a look.


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