This was one of the best and most practical books I have read about prayer.  Praying Constantly, by Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R., is an excellent book.  Fr. Groeschel writes in a style that is both challenging and kind.  He writes as a man of faith who has spent time with so many different people in his ;life that his examples touched me in deeply.  He is thought provoking and honest and reminded me that tradition is important. 
A few of my favorite chapters were, Growing Deeper in Prayer where Fr. Groeschel discusses the traditional prayers of the Church such as Adoration, Novenas, and the Rosary.  He also explains “The Jesus Prayer.”  The Jesus prayer is something I have known about, but not really looked into or understood.  The few short paragraphs I read in this chapter have given me an appreciation of the prayer and I ma now starting to pray it myself. Listening to God and Praying with the Body of Christ were also very relevant to my own spiritual growth at this time in my journey. 
I think this book would be a great for everyone who is searching to grow closer to God thru prayer.  There are practical suggestions and ideas on how to overcome excuses to not praying.  This sentence sums up what I desire in my life, ” And He will take up His residence in us, delighting us by transforming our hearts into His tabernacles.”  Prayer, constant prayer which transforms us and conforms us to God will do that.

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Book Review – Praying Constantly, Bringing Your Faith to Life

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