It is official, I am a book nerd.  I tore off the wrapper and inhaled the scent of new print deeply and couldn’t wait to dive right into The Fulfillment of All Desire – Study Guide by Ralph Martin with Emily Stimpson.  I was not disappointed!

The wisdom of seven saints, Augustine, Bernard of Clairvaux, Catherine of Siena, Francis de Sales, John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila and Therese of Lisieux in one volume for us to learn from and journey with now. 
The Study Guide briefly summarizes each chapter in the book and then poses a series of questions.  The first set of questions are comprehension and ask you to recall information, explain a concept or draw a conclusion.  The second set, reflection questions, are the type which help you to discover how your new knowledge applies to your life.
Each chapter has a section called “In Brief” which gives information about one of the saints mentioned above or a theological concept.  Key words are listed at the end of each chapter with definitions in the glossary. 

I think this would be a perfect addition when reading the book as it helps you focus and learn from what you are reading. 
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