Day 1 of the 7 Day Epic Blogging Challenge

Why “Boot Camp Summer” for the theme of my week?  Well, it appears to have turned into the theme of my summer.  Months ago an invitation to a course called “Digital Discipleship Boot Camp” came to my inbox.  It sounded intriguing and so I signed up.  It has been interesting so far and the next few sessions are more promising as far as me learning some new skills using digital media.  
Then I somehow found myself in an exercise boot camp.  It has been four days, three sessions (it is a Christian boot camp, closed on Sunday, THANK GOD, really).  I went Friday morning and it was difficult but not scary.  I was not expecting a cake walk (bad, I know) but I managed.  I actually was able to go meet a friend for coffee without changing out of my workout clothes. 
Saturday was a ‘fun’ day so I thought I’d try it.  I have no words except to tell that when I got home my husband remarked that I was still sweating.
My body hurts in places I didn’t know my body could hurt.
Today I arrived after work ready for something similar to Friday’s workout.  No, it was a ‘benchmark’ day.  At one point I was seriously thinking my lunch was going to make an appearance and when I mentioned this to one of the trainers she said  “Yea, some people call this workout a puke-er.”  I also cut my hand while doing pull ups wearing my wedding ring.  
It is Boot Camp Summer people and I keep telling myself what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger!  
Until tomorrow then; I’m off to buy a compression band for my knee.  

Boot Camp Summer

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