For weeks my son, a chef, had been waiting for word from a family in NY regarding employment. He resigned his positions here in FL and waited. The bonus was that he actually spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us, which never would have happened if he was working. This past Thursday, after almost a month of phone calls he settles the details and is off. Literally, off that night to NY. I spent most of the day ironing chef coats and pants, looking up the weather forecast for I-95, helping him pack, and praying I could get through the day without a total break down. I did, barely.
We blessed him and said good-bye at 8 pm, tears in all our eyes as he pulled out of the driveway for NYC, then prayed until he was safely at his aunt’s on Friday night.
It is ironic, really, that 23 years ago his father and I did the same thing, only in reverse.

Bye, Bye

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