Catherine of Siena, Day 7

A bit about Catherine, Novena prayers, and an Announcement


Catherine of Siena was born in 1347, the 25th of 26 children. She was a twin, but sadly, her twin sister, Giovanna, died in infancy. Only 13 children survived to adulthood. Her parents wanted her to marry, but she wanted to serve God. So she cut her long, beautiful hair. Her mother, to teach her a lesson, had her be the servant in the house for 3 years. Her thought was that Catherine would see that it was better to run your own household than serve in another. Alas, Catherine took to this time well, spending her time between household tasks and praying in her cell.

Catherine of Siena

After that time, her mother believed Catherine would not marry nor did she want to become a nun. Instead, she joined the Mantellate – a group of women, usually widowed, who were 3rd order Dominicans. These women took care of the sick and poor in Siena. She was drawn to the Dominicans because of their focus on preaching and salvation of souls.

Catherine spent hours in prayer and conversation with God. It was out of these mystical experiences she came to dictate The Dialogue, a conversation between God and Catherine.

Tomorrow we’ll look at Catherine and Jesus.

Novena prayers

Our prayers for Day 7

An Announcement

Fr. Timothy Gallagher, is giving a virtual retreat on Saturday, May 2 title Overcoming Spiritual Discouragement. Registration will open tomorrow morning at 10 am. I had a class with Fr. Gallagher as part of my spiritual director training, have read many of his books and listened to his podcasts. He is a gifted teacher and preacher. I would encourage you to join the retreat.

Catherine of Siena, Day 7
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