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Interviewing people is one of my favorite things to do on my podcast. I meet great people and get to share their work. You can listen here to learn about The Chaste Love Ministry.

I had the opportunity to interview Tim Lucchesi, the founder of Chaste Love, a ministry for those who are trying to live as God calls us, rather than the culture.

A former youth minister, Tim saw so many people wounded from bad relationships, leaving them with a distorted view of what loving another person looks like. As Tim studied St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and St. Paul VI’s Humane Vitae he realized that those documents were what was missing for so many people, especially young adults.

Tim and his wife are prolife. They give talks about Natural Family Planning at marriage retreats and have prayed outside of abortion clinics. IN fact, prayer is the cornerstone of all they do.

Who is Chaste Love for?

Young adults who are dating and discerning their vocation.

Parents who want information and resources to assist in preventing their children from exposure to pornography and healing from previous exposure. 

Anyone who is looking for prayer to help them with chastity.

Where can you find Tim?

At the Chaste Love website.

On Instagram and Facebook.

He also has a new podcast, “Home but not Alone” with Sara Estabrooks where they talk about real life as stay at home parents.

Chaste Love Ministry
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