To move forward in a certain direction, in life or in traffic, you must roadchoose the road that you think will best to reach your destination.  The problem is when there is more than one road you can take or there are detours.  In my life right now, I am faced with many choices. As I begin a new endeavor it seems on paper that I have lots of free time since I am not “at work” every day.  But I have work to do and unless I do it, my plan will never be more than a distant dream.

Everyday I must choose to work on my plan, take that day’s steps and invest my time wisely.  I can also choose to have coffee or lunch with friends, clean my house, work on sewing projects or any of the other things I enjoy doing with my time.  I must remind myself that I don’t have free time when I am not “at work” but I am working on my endeavor.  I have to balance my fun with my plan.

I know my endeavor sounds quite vague; there is no name at this time.  And my explanation needs work.  But when it is ready, it will be up here and out there for all to see.  Promise. Until it all comes together, I hope you enjoy my ramblings which are part of the process.

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