[generic_caption]Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the choices?  All the decisions you have to make in a day, a week, a month, a year?  I spend time with middle school youth and one of things they often talk about is how fun it must be to be an adult because we can do whatever we want!  I laugh.  I laugh because I remember when I thought that very same thing.  Boy, was I wrong.

I realized the other day that for me, the problem  with adulthood is not the responsibilities but the choices.  There are lots of ‘adult’things I don’t think about often.  I am blessed to have my basic needs and more met.  I have a job, health, great family, all the big things are under control for the most part, not perfect, but good as in I really can’t nor should complain.
But I want to do so much.  I want to read so I can learn and grow; to explore using technology and social media to teach and share the Catholic faith; to write books; to be strong and healthy; to work on sewing projects; to help others; to …; to….; to,,, the list goes on and on.  
But I can’t do it all.  Some weeks I feel like I am trying to do it all and realize I am on overload.  I say “no” to someone or something and it eats at me.  I think to myself, well, if I give up this or that I can make it happen. But is makes no sense to give up one good for another and therein lies the crux of the problem.  Most times I am not choosing between a good and bad but between two goods.  How does one decide in non emergency situations what should be done?
In case you’ve been reading in hopes I have an answer or even a good idea, sorry, I don’t.  I occasionally think about giving up sleep so I can do all that I’d like, but I need sleep. The best I can come up with is getting a wife but that’s not feasible.  Hiring a housekeeper might free up some time, but honestly, I don’t spend much time on housework.
Maybe I should stop trying to live an interesting (at least to me) life.  Nah.  Oh well, if I come up with a solution, I’ll get back to you.  If you have a solution, do tell.
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