The last two days have been full of family, food, fun, gifts and relaxation. Christmas Eve I worked during the 4:30 pm family mass. My family had the good sense to stay home. It is so hectic and crowded. We have two Mass going on at that time, one in the Church, the other in the hall. I arrived home and we had a delicious dinner, cooked by our son. Seafood ravioli with a seafood cream sauce, crab cakes, and green beans.
Christmas morning we all attended Mass at 8:00 am and then I Stayed to work until 11:00 Mass. The family went home to pancakes and bacon cooked by our daughter. When I came home we opened presents. I have a great new cookbook and a mandolin. I think I may have over played the Mama Mia! cd, since my husband asked me to wait until he left the house to play it again.
Then some dear family friends cam over for dinner. I cooked the main dishes, lasagna and roast beef, husband cooked the mushrooms and spinach, and daughter made Jesus’ birthday cake. The chef had the day off! Everything was delicious and we had a great time.
Today we are resting and getting ready for our big party tomorrow. It’s been a long time since we’ve had such a big party and we are all excited. I always call it an open house, but as my husband says, no one gets the idea, the idea of coming and then going after a while. They come and stay all night. Of course, that’s the fun of it all for me. Parking can be a problem, but otherwise, it’s all good. Come by of you are in the neighborhood.
Hope your Christmas was wonderful and that the rest of the season is full of joy!


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