Last week , during our religious education classes the first grade classes came to the church for what we call a “church search.” Parents were also invited to join in as we took a behind the scene tour of our church and told the children interesting and unique information. We went into the sacristy and showed the vestments and explained the liturgical colors used during each season. Our baptismal font was also explained along with the Paschal Candle. We actually have three stones from the Jordan River buried in our font. Then we went into the sanctuary to learn about the sacred vessel used at Mass, and to reverence the relic of Padre Pio in our altar. Many of the children wanted to know what bone of his it was and why it was black. A slight cause for concern was the response to the question, “what day did Jesus die on?”; Christmas was frequently mentioned. Our catechists work so hard, but if parents do not support our efforts with Sunday Mass, prayers at home, and teaching about God it is difficult to explain it to children in the little time we have in class. Overall, though, it was a very positive experience for all, including the parents who participated. I suppose it will become an annual event.

Church Visit

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