Two of them to be precise.  Can you guess what countdowns I am talking about?  Well, one involves millions of people and the other not so many.
We have a one week or seven day countdown to Lent.  Are you ready?  Have you decided what your plan is this year?  Here are a few links:
Pope Francis’ Lenten Message
Praying Lent from Creighton University
Lenten Resources from Loyola Press
Daily Lenten Calendar from Busted Halo
10 Things to Remember for Lent from the USCCB

I’ll tell you my plan soon, promise.

The other countdown is eight days to my husband taking his comprehensive exam to graduate from seminary where he has been studying to become a deacon.  Studying for almost five years. In some ways I can’t believe his schooling is coming to an end.  But we are so grateful, for so many reasons.  First though he must pass his comps so almost every minute he is not at work he is studying.  I am his sounding board and pray-er.  My prayers are not only for him but for his classmates as well, two of whom we hope and pray will be ordained to the deaconate.
So, get ready for Lent and if you are inclined, say a prayer for my husband and his classmates.

See you tomorrow, because this is part of a whole group of bloggers committed to 7 posts in 7 days!


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  • February 27, 2014 at 9:43 pm

    Deanna, thanks for including Loyola Press on your list. Good luck to your husband.


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