This is a welcome diversion after my very long day at work.

1. What food does your best friend not like? Mushrooms
2. What is your favorite cookbook? anything by Nigella Lawson
3. Are you more of a sushi person or a lamb person? sushi
4. Given a choice of something fried and salty or something baked and sweet, what would you choose? baked and sweet, but is has to be home made
5. Do you buy whole chickens and boil them and pick the meat off or does that gross you out? Do your children know what a whole chicken looks like or do they think they are made up of four breasts? I roast rather than boil and then pick off the meat. Yes, they do, especially my son the chef!
6. How do you feel about butter, sour cream, cream cheese, and half and half? How do I feel about them, well I like them if that’s what you mean.
7. (Skip this question if you are a vegetarian) If you are a carnivore, would you be willing to hunt or butcher your meat? Or to watch someone do that for you or would you rather not think of it? Or are you grateful for the animal who gave its life to sustain your life? No, not willing to hunt or butcher meat. I did watch my grandmother cut off a chicken’s head once when I was 4 and it was not pretty, though now I would say that chicken is a favorite of mine. I am grateful for all of the food I eat.
8. What is the most exotic ingredient or spice in your cupboard? Farro.

Culinary MEME from KM

One thought on “Culinary MEME from KM

  • June 18, 2008 at 11:59 am

    Thanks for joining in the fun! I’ve got to look up farro! What kind of kitchen madonna am I?


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