Our daughter has returned from a year in Australia.  She has picked up some new vocabulary and speech patterns.  A brief dictionary: (American – Australian)
excuse me-pardon
Her accent is still the same, but sometimes she sounds different, putting inflections where we don’t.

The other odd thing is she doesn’t say “God bless you” when a person sneezes anymore.  We have to remind her.  Apparently they say nothing in Australia when you sneeze.
She’d rather have prawns than shrimp, but still not a fan of fish.  Her vegetable consumption now includes pumpkin, occasionally.  I suppose we can try it when it’s in season.
Driving is still a bit awkward, since in Australia they drive on the left.

Not to mention the adjustment to living with us again after five years of not living with us.

Change, the only constant in life.

Culture Adjustment

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