In general, I am not a procrastinator.  But I am practicing now.  I have a few things I should be doing but instead I am writing to pass the time, knowing full well the other things I need to do will be there and one may be overdue.  A chance I’m willing to take.

Why?  Well, for one, the gym is kicking my butt this week.  The last few weeks have been very good and I’ve felt like I was making progress.  So I made a decision to start running instead of rowing, or running and rowing if it was a long run.  Running isn’t really the right word, maybe it’s jogging or maybe it’s more like move really fast until I feel like I have no more oxygen, stop, catch my breath or at least breathe, then walk a bit and then jog back to the gym door.  Oh, yea, and today, at the turning point, was a guy smoking.  Did he not see all of us trying to be healthy? So between the running and very interesting (if you like torture) workouts, I’m beat.
Are you wondering why I go to this place and put myself through this five days a week?  I’ll tell you why…because it is working.
Food is also taking up much of my time.  Not so much eating it, but shopping, preparing and cooking it is very time consuming.  I have always prided myself that I cooked most meals from scratch and cooked with fresh,raw food to begin with, rarely boxed or canned. But my eating habits were different and if I was too tired or couldn’t be bothered to cook I didn’t.  We ate out or had popcorn for dinner.  Not really an option now.  So I plan, shop, and prepare three meals plus one or two snacks a day, every day, for me and my husband. Thankfully he cleans up and shops if I give him a list.  But that means I have to plan and since I am practicing procrastination, well, you see the problem.
Monday I had a very good day getting things done but having lots of fun.  But I was practicing procrastination on the items on my to do list I didn’t want to do.  We had the day off for Columbus Day so I went to the mall with a girlfriend to buy supportive undergarments (I don’t want to embarrass any man who might be reading)and some fun things as well. Then I went to pick up my sewing machine and saw a friend from ten years ago.  That was the highlight of my day.  We chatted, traded numbers and will be in touch again when she returns from a trip to help her daughter who is having a baby.
Monday was near perfect, but everyday can’t be daisies and butterflies.
Well, I’ve been procrastinating almost an hour now, so I think I’ll stop now and work on a few other things.  I hope tomorrow is a daisy and butterfly day, for all of us!

Daisies and Butterflies

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