I think I’ve figured out something that might be helpful to a few people.  Or you might think it is so obvious and can’t believe I didn’t realize this already that you know longer think I am brilliant (cough, cough).  Either way, it’s a risk I’m willing to take so here goes.
I realized the other day that I forget what I am doing because I don’t focus on what I am doing but rather on the next thing I am going to do.  Case in point, we had dinner and my husband needs to go back to formation work in his man cave.  I want to write a post but I need to clean up from dinner.  So I bring the dinner dishes to the sink, thinking about my post, even though I see I need to clean up, decide to go to the bathroom and then come to my computer thinking I need to get started on my post.  Then I say to myself, “wait, did you clean up?”
I think if I just focused on the task at hand instead of the list in my head I would get things done more efficiently and not be so forgetful. So many of us walk around thinking about we have to do instead of focusing on what we are doing that we forget what we are supposed to be doing.  Is this making any sense here or do you now think I have ADD?  I don’t, honest.  
I need to pay attention and be more mindful.  Doing one thing at a tine is not a bad thing.  Start and finish a task before going on to the next thing.  
Oh and by the way, I rarely clean up after dinner since I usually cook but until the comps are over my other half is relieved of household duties, except the trash.  

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