I wake up in the middle of the night or is it early in the morning and as I try to fall back to sleep I remember that I left a candle burning. On my desk. Next to the computer. So here I am after playing endless rounds of Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. Thinking. Wondering.Considering.  But not sleeping.
I changed my blog template, lipstick lips in honor of Valentine’s Day.  I wear lipstick or lip gloss all the time.  Then I thought about when I started this blog; a sleepless night like this one after many sleepless nights.  Sleep leaves me when I have alot on my mind.  The born date of Notlukewarm is Feb 20, 2007.  4 years.  547 posts. Followers and comment too few to mention.  But I am not complaining.  I like having a place to put my thoughts and musings.  So what if I am not famous? 
Made a dress today for the dinner dance Saturday.  Black.  Looks good, comfortable.  I really like the pattern.  It’s been in my collection for years (it’s now out of print!), but it’s the first time I used it.  Glad I did. It’s the one on the bottom right. 

Finally had our broken hot tub removed from the backyard.  Next the screening on the porch needs to be repaired.  I like to have this type of work done now when it is not too hot.
Thursday is the feast of St. Blaise.  Do you get your throat blessed that day?  I have a vivid memory of being frightened the first time I saw the candles that were going to be used for the blessing.  Why?  I thought they were going to be lit!  The things kids think.
I found my GRE scores from 1987.  I wonder what I would score if I took it now?
Well, I blew out the candle so maybe I should try to get some sleep.  I have to leave for work in 5 hours.

Early Morning Randomness

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