Maybe you are tired of reading, maybe you’d like to know what I sound like, maybe you want a topic other than trust. I have a solution for you!

Take a listen here to A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras and me talking about the Holy Spirit, All Souls Day and more!

How about productivity?  Are you all about being productive?  Or at least, keeping your life in some sort of order so you don’t forget to pick your husband from the airport (never have done that!) or get the gift for the birthday party?  Do you have lots of ideas bookmarked as favorite on your computer but then can’t find what you need?

Join me for a Productivity webinar workshop on Nov 14, I’ll focus on Doodle, Tooledo and Evernote.  30 minutes from start to finish and I promise you’ll laugh at least once or your money back.




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