I am participating in Vinta Wright’s Writing Retreat  on her blog, Days of Deepening Friendship.  She had a few different prompts today.  I choose “Write about the first time, ever, you experienced emotional bliss.”  So here goes.

I was married almost thirty years ago.  The preparations leading up to the wedding day were very difficult and I remember more than once, begging John to either somehow make it all stop or elope before I lost my mind.  Well, he couldn’t make it stop and we didn’t elope but finally the big day arrived.  And it was fine.  I know that sounds awful, but it is truthful.  It was not a perfect day, not even close but it in the end, I had bliss.

Our first dance at the reception was to Just You and I by Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gayle.  At the end of the night, the song was played again and we were called to the dance floor.  As John held me in his arms I closed my eyes and thought that as long as he had his arms around me, life would be just wonderful.  Then, all of a sudden, waiters surrounded us with lit sparklers, encircling us with these little lights as we danced.  I knew this was the last dance of the evening and these sparklers were cracking us both up but we just kept dancing until the song ended and the sparklers fizzled out.

Even now, all these years later, when we dance, it is bliss.  Just the two of us, no sparklers needed.

Emotional Bliss

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