Housekeeping first: This week we’re going to read Emptiness; Fiat;  Advent& Pastoral; Et Homo Factus Est. I will post today, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The every other day pattern will be for the series. If you don’t read the book, it’s okay. Join in based on the quotes I share, my reflection here and others comments. No judgment here, just company for your Advent journey.

We begin by talking about emptiness. Not the emptiness of sadness or lack, but of waiting to be filled for a purpose. Houselander gives us three examples, the reed, the chalice and the nest, which point to things which can be filled. Indeed, it’s in the filling of the them that they serve their purpose.

Before they serve their purpose though they come into existence, shaped and formed by the materials that make them. We are shaped and formed, not only by good and positive experiences but by those which hurt and harm us.

This week, I want to begin to empty myself of those experiences that keep me from receiving what God has for me. Will you join me? We can only receive when we have space, emptiness to be filled.

The image of emptiness is what struck me the most in this chapter. What about you?

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