Today’s Gospel was from Mark 7:31-37.  Jesus open the ears of a deaf man and heals his tongue so he can speak.  So many thoughts came to me about this reading.  Jesus wants us to be open to hear and speak his word.  This past week I have been waking up early to spend time alone in prayer.  It is not easy for me, I like to sleep until the sun is at least on the horizon but every day this week, the Son has awakened me.
The point of my time is not to pray so much as it is to be open.  And to be open I need to hear, hence, I need to be quiet and still and present to the moment.  What I have found, in this very short time, is that by starting my day in this manner I want more and more of the experience.  My ears are being opened not only when I am quiet but all throughout the day and then I am able to speak what needs to be said and do what needs to be done.
St. James tells us “Be doers if the word, not heaers only: (1:22). We can only hear if we ask for the grace and then we must tell others what we have heard or do what Jesus is leading us to do.  I know it is easy for me to think I can get answers by reading and studying.  The number of books I have is a testimony to that truth.  But all of that reading and studying is only useful if it leads me closer to listening rather than filling my head so I can tell everyone else what they need to know.
It is in silence that I come to know his will. It is in silence that I come to know his peace.  It is in silence that I come to receive his grace.  It is in silence that I come to feel his love.It is in the silence that my soul is opened to hearing and speaking his truth in love.

Ephphatha- Be Opened!

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