Et Homo Factus Est

“And He was made man.” Advent is a good time to remember that while Jesus is God He is also man. And Mary gave HIm human nature. It is beyond my comprehension to understand how Mary gave her “Fiat” and that Jesus, while He was her son, was God’s Son and He was for the whole world. Mary gave the world Jesus and knew that there would be suffering.

Mary is hope and strength for all of us who see those we love suffer. We want to take away the suffering, be it physical or mental or emotional but we can’t always do that and maybe there are times we shouldn’t. Suffering can help us grow in many ways and it can change us. Suffering usually means pain and none of us want pain. That’s why we say “offer it up,” in hope that our suffering will ease someone else’s.  

Et Homo Factus Est
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