In about a month we have an exchange student coming to stay with us for a semester.  It has been interesting to hear people’s responses when I tell them this news.  Some think it is great and want to know boy or girl, from where, how old, basic information.  But a few others have left me a bit put off:  “Will you get paid?”  “Is she Catholic?””Are you going to have to drive her places?!”

Her name is Ellen and she is from the Netherlands.  She’s 17 and think she’ll be enrolled as a junior in the same school as my  husband teaches.  I am excited to have a teenager in the house again and think it will be an interesting experience for all of us.  She is not Catholic, but she is Christian and knows we are involved in our church.  She actually went to our parish website and was very pleasantly surprised. 

We are working on fixing up a bedroom for her.  So far my husband painted it and I am nagging gently reminding our son he needs to come and see if he wants what he has left in his closet and drawers.  The weight bench is now in our bedroom.  It’ll be useful for clothes!  We need a bed, curtain and blinds.  My plan is to make a quilt for the bed and then she can take it home with her. 

Hopefully all will be done by the time she arrives. 

Exchange Student

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  • July 6, 2010 at 2:08 am

    So exciting! And I think the quilt is a super terrific great wonderful (ya think I like it?) idea! A treasure to cherish. You rock!


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