This feast makes me think about crosses people bear in life.   Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross reminds us of love and mercy.  His death on the cross won for us our salvation. 
But what of our crosses?   At the end of my day yesterday I pondered cross and community together.I realized that many times I help others with their cross and  if I have entered into that prayerfully, asking God to lead me, it can work out. Community is an integral part of allowing me to help others.  It is also what supports me in carrying my own crosses.
Jesus’ suffering and death was physically felt by him alone.  But he suffered and died in community, his mother, Mary Magdalen and John were at the foot of the cross when he breathed his last breath. 
We are called to be in community with others and help each other.  Crosses can be a means of purification and strengthening.  I pray that today I am able to both carry my cross and help others with theirs if needed.

Exultation of the Holy Cross

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