It is easy in times of upheaval and turmoil in the Church to want to turn away or maybe consider leaving the Church. I think though, about God, who is faithful to us no matter what. No matter what. Our faithfulness to God cannot be based on what people do or say.

In my new book, Invite the Holy Spirit into your Life, I discuss faithfulness, one the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

There are two ways to look at faithfulness in scripture. One is how God is faithful, and the other is how we are faithful. We will look at both in turn because both are important and necessary. We may not have ever thought about how faithful God is to us, but in scripture, there is a long history of it. It begins back with the story of creation and has not ended since that time. All around us are examples of God’s faithfulness to us, yet often our eyes are not opened enough to see them. Why is that? It could be because faithfulness is not something you see much in our society.

Let us turn first to the fact that God is faithful and what that means for us in our daily lives. Have you ever thought of how God is faithful to us? The more you read his Word,  the more you see that faithfulness in terms of what he has done for his people as an entity. God called Abraham into a covenant with him; promising descendants and land. God was faithful to that though Abraham often lied and failed to trust God. Eventually, Abraham came to know God and trusted him fully. The test Abraham faced, that of God asking him to sacrifice his only son Isaac, is an example of how much Abraham trusted God. Abraham never sacrificed Isaac, but he was willing to do what God had asked. His response to God’s faithfulness was to be faithful to God.

Another example we may be familiar with is the story of how God took his people out of Egypt and brought them to the promised land. No matter how much they complained, no matter how much they disobeyed, and no matter how much they questioned God, he never deserted them. He was a visible sign in their midst in a pillar of fire, in the manna, in the quail, in the water, and in the Ten Commandments; yet they still did not remain faithful to him.

The entire Old Testament is one example after another of God’s faithfulness. When the people strayed, he sent prophets, judges and kings to call them back to him. Over and over God remembered his side of the covenants and promises he made and wanted to help his people to remain faithful to him. Some did remain faithful, while others did not.

As the troubles of the day press in on you, know that God is with you in. I pray that we will be like Hezekiah, “He did what was good, upright, and faithful before the LORD, his God” (1 Chronicles 31:20). Isn’t that what we want, not only for ourselves but for everyone to do what is good, upright and faithful.

I don’t have an answer about the scandals that are rocking the Church right now. I have an answer as to what I need to do; pray, ask questions of the Church, and remain faithful to God.

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