Next weekend we are having a big ministry fair at church.  The theme is “Holywood Studios” and to get people excited we are going to play Family Feud.  So, this weekend we handed out survey questions before each Mass and asked people to fill them out. 
I learned some very interesting things and thought I’d make a list so you could have a little chuckle as well.
1.  Name a mystery of the Rosary – the mysterious one.
2.  Most popular Sunday Mass time at St. Peter – Christmas
3.  Favorite Old Testament book is Revelation, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
4.  Name one of the seven deadly sins – murder.
I suggested to our religious education director that we use some of the answer as the basis for what to focus on for catechises.
There’s more funny stuff, but I can’t give it all away since some players may read this and get inside info to help them win.  Not that we are giving away money or anything of value, except maybe some indulgences. 
First game is clergy vs staff.  I wonder who will win?

Family Feud

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