On the radio this morning I heard that people in the same age vicinity as me say the 80’s was their favorite decade.  I thought about this on and off all day, and I’d have to agree.  It is most likely the decade we did the following things:
graduated from high school and college, met and married our spouse, left home, started a family, began our careers, partied, and settled down.  It was the time of our lives.
We watched family tv shows like The Cosby Show, Family Ties and Who’s the Boss. Sitcoms that were actually funny: Cheers, Mash, and Night Court.  For drama there was Dallas, (my husband possibly taped every episode) Knots Landing and Hill Street Blues.
And the movies;  a few personal favorites of mine:  Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Top Gun, Back to the Future, St. Elmo’s Fire and Footloose ( I must dance when I hear the theme song).
I started going though a top hits from the 80’s song list and started having flashbacks.
The clothes were interesting; leg warmers did come in handy since I lived up north where it is cold in the winter.  I seem to recall hats, colored pantyhose and big shoulder pads.
I do wonder if this decade will turn out to be my favorite since it seems as so much is changing and so many opportunities coming up.  There are still too many years to go to answer that so for now, the 80’s are my favorite for sure.  What was your favorite decade?

Favorite Decade

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