When you are a DRE the end of the year brings First Communions. In my case, for 177 children, at three different masses, on two different days in two different languages. I think it is all ready to go for Saturday and Sunday. And I will not tire of answering questions that I find totally irrelevant and superfluous, but are important to parents. What kind of questions, you ask, how about this,”Are flowers in my daughter’s hair a problem since they cannot carry flowers?” or “Is a tiara okay if is not too big?” or the favorite this year is “Can my daughter, who has never sung in public before, sing a solo at First Communion?” The last one from a mother who does not even know who is in charge of music at our parish and wondered in the email if, “you, (the music minister) ever see or talk to the lady in charge of Communion, because I don’t know who it is.” The answers are, in order, flowers in the hair are fine; yes; no. I have learned to make no other explanations because if I do I may be a bit caustic or even border on the condescending. I just deleted possible responses, too ugly, even for me! Alas, the weekend will bring stories, I can promise you that, and they will make me want to laugh, cry, scream, and wonder. I just pray, so I can keep my tongue under control and it all seems to work.

First Communion

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