No, I am not suggesting you have ADD or need to pay more attention.  I am talking about Fellowship of Catholic University Students.  This is a wonderful organization that has embraced the New Evangelization and reaches out to what is often a misunderstood and under-served population – college students!
I first learned about FOCUS when my daughter was at the University of Florida.  UF has approximately 50,000 students among all their programs and schools.  It actually has more people then my town.  So, finding your niche can be difficult.  Thankfully, Elisa attended St. Augustine and participated in the Catholic Gator programs.  That’s where we learned about FOCUS.  This group sends young adults onto college campuses, two by two, to reach out to all students on campus.  They do this through many different activities including bible study, retreats, game nights, dinners and more. 
A close friend of Elisa has become a FOCUS missionary.  Her name is Mirna and she serving at Northern Arizona University.  We support her in this endeavor with a monetary contribution each month and prayer.  She is leading four different women’s bible studies.  Together with the other members of her team, she distributed Curtis Martin’s book, Made for More and put on numerous events. 
If you would like to find out more about Mirna and her work, go here or learn more about FOCUS and its’ mission. 

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