Again, I waited on God to lead me to my next Lenten penance. This time it came on the form of an action I could choose or not. Many years ago I was removed from my employment as a youth minister. There were many issues surrounding this event and many lines were drawn, and fingers pointed. Friendships were broken which had existed for many years. One former friend actually became the new youth minister. I have seen her very rarely over the last five years but in this last year I have seen her more frequently. Each time, I speak with her husband, but she has refused to acknowledge me. A few months ago, we had an event at our parish which she participated in and when it was over she came up to me and expressed her pleasure with the event and her gratitude. I felt quite uneasy about this turn of events. I felt more in control if she did not talk to me. This way it was her harboring something against me, not me against her. But during Lent, we look at all of those spots on our souls and I was looking at this one. On Palm Sunday her parish youth were putting on an event called “Silhouette Stations.” The youth are behind a white backdrop and act out the stations with movement set to Christian music. A friend from my current parish was interested in going and so my husband and I agreed to go with him. I knew quite well she would be there as she is the youth minister and in charge of the event! I am pleased to say that we were warmly welcomed by all and she and I spoke and I feel as if God has removed that place of disturbance from my soul.


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