I’m joining in with Lawn Chair Catechism hosted over at Catholic Mom.

In your own faith:
Are you ready, spiritually, to acknowledge that certain leaders in your parish or diocese may not yet be disciples of Jesus?
Are you prepared to treat those persons graciously?  To let go of past hurts?  To respect them as they make their journey to discipleship?
Wow, what a first question.  Yes, I’ve already done so.  I try my best.  I’ve had to let go of many past hurts and for the most part I have done so.  My frustration is that some folks seem to be very stuck and not journeying at all.  I am well aware that sounds judgmental, but when I hear people repeat the same things over and over again, unable to let go of the past, it seems to me that people are stuck. 

In your parish:
What is the spiritual atmosphere in your parish?
Have you noticed any change over the past several years?
If God were to ask you to mentor a small group of seeking and new disciples in your parish, would you be ready to accept that task?

Answering for my work setting, I would say the spiritual atmosphere is a bit dry but slowly changing since the new pastor took over.  It is very slow going, people were hurt and sadly hold on to the hurts instead of letting go and seeing that change can take place, especially with new people staffing the parish.  If God asked me, I would certainly say yes, though truth be told, it is my job to do so.  I consider RCIA, Bible Study, even working with catechists as mentoring disciples.  

In the parish where I worship, I would also be willing to do so and have let the staff know I am available.  I will make a proposal soon and see if it is accepted so I can be a part of things there as well as at work.
Forming Intentional Disciples – Session 9

One thought on “Forming Intentional Disciples – Session 9

  • July 28, 2013 at 3:45 am

    Deanna, you did a much better job at answering the questions – directly than I did.

    Deep wounds heal slowly. It sounds like you are in a position to have a positive affect on many seekers and disciples in your job – what a blessing. Get your proposal submitted – the Holy Spirit can do awesome things.


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