These thoughts come from a book I am currently reading/studying for my class, “The Holy Longing” by Ronald Rolheiser. He explains that there are four non-negotiable pillars of the spiritual life: private prayer and morality;social justice; mellowness of heart and spirit, and community as a constitutive element of true worship. These four are the essentials of Christian discipleship. The essence of the spiritual life. And when we have all four, there is balance.

In my own life, I can see that what I long for is balance. And each time I feel close to achieving that balance, something tips me way out of balance. But as I contemplate this, I wonder, is that what actually happens or do I choose to allow my emotions to overcome rational thought? I do think that often that is just what happens.

These forty days find me trying to focus more on staying in balance.

Four Pillars

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