1. Do you ever find yourself shoved into a corner because of perceptions about you which are false? And the more you try to explain that you do not hold a certain position, the less you are believed? Or, that your position is the one held by the Church as so it is reasonable to agree and it does notmake you narrow minded or judgemental? Really don’t like when that happens.

2. This Saturday is our annual dinner dance/auction for the parish. I have worked very hard on this event. I have also had some very strange dreams, really almost nightmares about it. Consciously I do not seem worried, but clearly I am. In my latest dream, I have the food for the event at my house and had to keep going back and forth between the club and house. On my final trip, I got lost and was somewhere far from home. I didn’t recognize where I was all. Only another day.

3. I am almost done with the Lent issue of our parish newsletter.

4. The last few weeks the first readings at daily Mass have been about David. What I learn from David is that repenting is very important.

5. The last month has been busier than any other time I can recall. Work has been all consuming. Hopefully after this weekend things will slow down to a more reasonable pace.

6. My daughter came home yesterday for the weekend. We will spend some time together but mostly I will be working. She came home without laundry to do, I was quite surprised.

7. I made chicken soup last night for dinner. Since I cook so infrequently now, I am almost surprised when I remember what I am doing and it tastes good.
Friday Quick Takes

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