1. This has been an odd week, difficult at the office, have not seen my husband enough yet I have been able to come to terms with some problems which are probably not ever going to change and I have no control over. It speaks directly to one of Rohleiser’s pillars of Christianity, having a mellowness of heart and spirit. My book group agreed that this is the most difficult for us. A constant struggle when so many people and things are in constant need. It was interesting when one friend commented that I seem be growing in this area, since I had some extremely non-mellow moments this week at the office. Striving for holiness, that’s what I do…some days better than others.
2. I am working on two big projects at work. One is our annual dinner dance/auction event for Feb 6, the other is our Lenten newsletter and prayer fair. Both are important, but the work for Lent seems so much more relevant.
3. Tonight we are getting together with friends for an evening of Praise and Worship. One of our friends is a great musician and he will lead us, the rest of us sing along, pray and read Scriptures. It is a wonderful way to spend an evening with friends. We pray for all those in need and enter into a spirit of praise and thanks for all God has done for us. It draws us closer not only to God but to each other.
4. Watched a great movie last night, The Changeling, while my dear husband napped beside me. The movie was based on a true story from the late 1920’s and was set in Los Angeles. I will not give away the story, but will say that certain things really struck me: 1. women were treated very, very badly; 2. only men sat on the jury; 3. how easily people in authority seemed to do the wrong thing.
5. We had a used book sale at our parish last weekend. It worked out well, we did raise some money, but now I have hundreds of books in boxes that still need a good home. I wish you could all pop on over and pick out some for yourselves.
6. On Wednesday the Gospel was about the sower and the seed that falls on different soil. I read an interesting reflection on that, courtesy of a friend. It talks about how we often think about what kind of soil we are and how we are receiving God’s word. It was suggested that instead, be the sower, who puts the seed out there, no matter what the soil and keeps going about his business. It is about evangelizing and doing what we are called to do while not worrying about what happens, because in the end, God takes care of what happens, not us.
7. Some of my friends really dislike bloggers. The reason is that they think all bloggers put out their opinions as right and expect people to pay attention. I suppose this may be true of some, but then can’t we say the same about anyone who puts their thoughts and ideas into the public forum? Authors, artists, musicians, songwriters, all who create do so in hopes someone pays attention.
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Friday, Time for 7 Quick Takes

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