1. Prayers for our diocese’s Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat going on this weekend. This is a wonderful retreat to heal the hearts of those who are post-abortive. We have a wonderful team and priest who minister to the women and men who are in need of restoration. During the retreat different people go to the site and pray in Adoration during the entire weekend. Put, we can always use more prayer.
2. My daughter is on her way back to college today with her dad. I figured it was his turn to make the drive as I did two weeks ago when we set up her apartment.
3. My son (the chef) made his annual summer visit to the ER. He cut his hand when the knife slipped while he was cutting a roasted duck. What’s so interesting is that this time around, he just casually mentions it along with the fact that he talked the nurse into giving me a tool to take the stitches out on his own. Silly me, I never realized he’d paid his tuition so he could be a doctor and a chef!
4. I have allowed myself to become re-addicted to sugar. Bad, very very bad. I must get back up and stop the sugar train before it does even more damage.
5. I was able to spend some time sewing this week, which is always rewarding. I have a new skirt and so does my daughter.
6. Next week I hope to have completed one of my two papers which are due in September. By actually writing this down it helps me to be accountable because here it is now in black and white, no excuses. I must do it!
7. I’m going to the movies tonight to see Julie and Julia with some friends. Girls night out, can’t wait.


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