It’s a new year, but not a new decade as my husband the math wiz points outs whenever anyone says that. I’ve looked back and now I need to look forward. But do I want goals or resolutions? So, being the former teacher that I am, I looked up the words in the dictionary. A goal is “-the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.” A resolution is “a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.; and the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.”

Looking at these two, I’d say I want goals, which I will resolve to meet in this upcoming year.

So, what are my goals?
1. I’d like to learn to take photographs. My husband bought me a simple digital camera for my birthday and I want to use it. I don’t do well taking pictures of people, but scenery, flowers, things that are still. Hopefully, you’ll see some of my efforts soon.
2. Dedicate time each day to being alone. This should not be a problem since I have no children living here, no pets, just one husband. I can pray, think, journal or do nothing, but I have found that I really need alone time to decompress and process.
3. Make a quilt, which I will of course take pictures of so you can see the progress.
4. Learn to take care of myself. This is a tough one, but I must do it.
5. Spend time writing at home, not at work. Even though I am writing for work, the interruptions make it very difficult to write anything more than announcements of meetings and the like. Real writing, where I use facts, reflect on scripture and teach tenets of the faith needs to be done at home.
6. Research PhD programs available online. and decide on a focus of study.
7. De-clutter my house, room by room. This is a scary one, but it needs to be done. We’ve lived in this house 8 1/2 years, which is close to the longest we have lived in any house before moving. So, we’ve collected things and some of it needs to go. We are having two events at church though, which will help me along. A book sale and a rummage sale, so I can clean and help the building fund at the same time. Good deal!
8. Make photo albums for my children. I never did baby books for them, so I think I should do something.
I think that’s enough. Now, I’ll need to flesh out some of these goals so they really happen.

Goal vs Resolution

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