Last weekend my email was hacked into by someone who proceeded to send out an email saying I was stranded in the Philippines after having been mugged at gunpoint.  I’m sure many of you have seen some variation of this come across your inbox.  It was my work email, which made it a bit more awkward. 
I spent time Saturday repairing some damage and then Monday morning I began again, after finding out that all of my contacts and old emails were gone as well. 
It was a pretty time consuming process to set up a new email, change my address in many, many places, add contacts, and I know I am still not done.
I have started to reflect on the whole thing though in light of my spiritual life.  Lately, I have been searching to find my peace, my center.  My usual ways have not been working and having heard and said the phrase “when you feel distant from God, it’s you that has moved, not him” enough that I believe it to be true, I need to do something. 
I want to start fresh, wipe the slate clean like I am forced to do with this email debacle.
I must go back to what I know, back to what feeds me and centers me, but with new features I have to learn.  I sit and reflect on what components are necessary and which are optional.
Necessary:  quiet, scripture, writing, reflection, sharing, reading
Optional:  music, traditional or rote prayers, small gatherings with faith-filled friends
I am still working on this plan, but I like the idea of starting from scratch and testing things before I make a decision.  It reminds me again that conversion comes in stages and growing in faith is a lifelong endeavor.
My spiritual life has been hacked but I will seek out my new address and be close to God again.

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