I have a lovely reflection about how and why I have come to love St. Ignatius.  In my head.  Which is also full of a cold.  So, I’ve rounded up some links and things for you to enjoy instead!

1.  Six Characteristics of Ignatian Spirituality

2.  A Way to pray the Examen


Church of St. Ignatius in Rome


St. Edward in Palm Beach, FL which was built by Jesuits

5.  A roundup of quotes

6  The book that began my Ignatian Journey.  Thank You, Mona!
7.  If you are on Twitter follow Iggy @FindIggy
8.  A #findiggy post from Margaret Felice
9.  A fun website, Find Your Inner Iggy,  with all the #findIggy posts, tweets and swag.
If you are unfamiliar with Ignatius, learn about him.  He was what the Church needed back in the 1500’s and he is what we need today!  

For those who love, nothing is too difficult,                                                               especially when it is done for the love of  our Lord Jesus Christ.                                   St. Ignatius Loyola

Happy Feast of St. Ignatius!

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