This weekend is seminary weekend for my husband, so I have lots of quiet time to myself. NOT! I remember a few months ago, we had a deacon in training (DIT) wives’ class. And the deacon’s wife who spoke talked about how much she missed her husband when he was at class and how she had to find things to fill her time. Lucky her. My time fills up quicker than the canal does when the locks are lifted. And then I am annoyed with myself for not using the time to spend time on myself. Tomorrow is a case in point. I go to gathering for Cursillo once a month and it happens to be the same Saturday as seminary. It usually goes from 9-12, tomorrow it is until 3 pm. I just can’t do it, I have to go to work for a bit and also meet someone to plan a Bible Study for teens. I keep praying for clarity and to stop jumping into commitments before pausing to think about it. I must not be listening since I seriously doubt God wants me feeling like I am always chasing my tail.

Home Alone

2 thoughts on “Home Alone

  • February 20, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    You don't have to go to class with him????
    I am a little put out – we are in Diaconate Formation in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. I say “we” because it truly is both of us. I have to attend all the classes with him and do all the reading and homework! How many years is your formation? Ours is five. We are half way through our second year and there are many instances of me wishing I could just send him off to “his” class!

  • February 20, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    No, he goes on his own. Wives and DITs attend a retreat each year and then there are a few events we must attend. The program is 4 1/2 years and he will have an MA or MS in Theology when done. I can't recall which. I would like to get my degree in Theology also, but we could never be in class together. Will you and/or your husband have a degree when you complete the program? We are in the Palm Beach Diocese in Florida.
    I am amazed to find another deacon to be wife thru a blog. I love it!


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