How to Develop the Habit of Bible Time

Today we have a guest post from Alexandria Robinson, The Genius Feminist.

We all know the great benefits of reading everyday like knowledge expansion, stress reduction, and improved focus, just to name a few. But it begs the question: is there one book we all should read, one book that is the best book? You bet there is, that’s why we call it The Good Book. The Bible is God’s Word, through it we can expand our knowledge of who he is, reduce our stress by finding the peace only Christ offers, and develop a clear focus on things that will bring about eternal life. Daily Bible reading is a fantastic spiritual practice that will help us grow in virtue. So how do we develop this practice?

  1. Start with a goal. As much as I love the idea of reading the entire Bible in one year, it’s not something I ever recommend. In order to read through the entire Bible in 365 days, you’ll have to read 3-5 chapter per day. If you aren’t reading 3-5 chapters per week, it’s unlikely you will be ready to read that much in a single day. Instead, I recommend reading one chapter per weekday. This way, it is built into your routine and can take as little as 10 minutes. That’s how I organized my Bible-A-Day Program, chipping away at the Word piece by piece. This allows you to adopt the lessons into your life, but it will take you about three years to get through.
  2. Plan it out. If you’re anything like me, life is very busy. Adopting a new habit requires a clear plan. As I said earlier, I think one chapter per weekday is perfect. When I first started by routine, I would wake up 10-15 minutes earlier than I normally did. I kept my Bible and my journal on my side table, so all I had to do was roll over and grab the Scriptures. I didn’t even have to get out of bed to have Bible time. This is the plan that worked best for me, but find what works best for you. It may be right before bed, while the kids are napping, or during after school activities. Find a place in your schedule that will allow you to be with God for at least 15 minutes.
  3. Collect your resources. There are a ton of amazing Bible study resources available to us online and at the bookstore. The most important thing you’re going to need is a Bible. In my book, A Catholic Millennial’s Guide to the Bible, I share about some of the most common Bible translations and how to choose one. You also may want things like a Bible study workbook, commentary, or reflection journal. My favorite things to keep on hand are Crayola Twistables, I’m one of those people that loves coloring in my Bible. I find it helps me slow down, absorb the Word, and it helps when I need to go back to reference something later.
  4. Join a community. One of the most precious resources we have on our spiritual journey is our brothers and sisters in faith. They are here to uplift, guide, and support us through struggles and successes. Going through a Bible study with others can help you grow in faith, learn the virtues of hospitality, patience, and self-control, and can hold you accountable to your goal when you fall behind. For those new to Bible reading, it can be a little intimidating to join a church Bible study, but there are some great online communities you can check out. Here at Deanna Bartalini, we go through different books and studies. In A Catholic Millennial’s Guide to the Bible, I share the importance of choosing the right community, one that is both spiritually and theologically sound.

Our relationship with God is the single most important relationship we will ever have. But just like any other relationship, it requires cultivation. We must be spending time with the Lord each day just as we do with our closest family and friends. Establishing a regular Bible time routine is a great way to cultivate that relationship.

Alexandria Robinson is the author of the new book, A Catholic Millennial’s Guide to the Bible. In it she explains how to the Word of God is relevant to our lives in the modern day, the Church’s relationship with Scripture throughout history, and how the Bible came to be. It is written by and for young Catholic laity to encourage them on their long journey home to our Heavenly Father. It will make a great Lenten read or Easter Gift. For more on Alexandria, check out her blog at

How to Develop the Habit of Bible Time
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