Ignatius, Patron Saint of?

It seems silly really, to have so much admiration for a saint, to have read more than one book about him, and then to realize I did not know what he is the patron saint of?  Not a clue.  Should I be telling you this?  I am losing my credibility here?  Hey, I can’t know everything.

I looked it up; here is the list:  Dioceses of San Sebastion and Bilbao, Biscay & Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, Military Ordinariate of the Philippines, Society of Jesus, soldiers, Educators and Education (BIO from Catholic Online).  I read it and until I got to Educators and Education I was a bit distraught.  I don’t live in any of those dioceses; FYI, I looked them up to be sure, they are in Spain.  I have nothing to do with the military or the Philippines or soldiers.  Of course I do love the Jesuits, especially Pope Francis.  Clearly though the best connection for me is educators and education, that’s me.  I’m all about learning, seeking knowledge and sharing it with others.

I feel better with that connection, though there’s no reason not to love a saint just because you are moved toward him or her.

Who is your favorite saint?

Novena Prayers, Day 2

Ignatius, Patron Saint of?
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