We went to Mass tonight to celebrate the feast day. After the usual reminder that we were celebrating Mary’s conception, not Jesus’ Father moved on to Mary herself. He spoke about her sinlessness, her being the first disciple, her yes which brought Jesus into the world, and then mentioned again about sin. He said that she didn’t even desire to not to what was right. All of her being was formed without the ability to sin or do wrong.
I started to think about this and what it looks like. I work every day at not sinning and can say that I do each day, sin that it is. I’m not out there breaking commandments constantly, but I certainly think badly about others and am judgemental, sometimes I may step into gossiping, and there are all those pesky sins of omission.
Mary was truly without all of that in her life. I looked up at the crucifix and thought about Mary standing there, watching Jesus, wasn’t she angry, didn’t she want vengeance on these people who were so cruelly killing her Son? If through that, she could not have sin, why do I suffer with it so much? To be like Mary, the first disciple, I strive to say yes to God, to serve and to love as she did. Mary had faith and trust in God, she loved her Son, and so points us to him always. Through her intercession we can become more like Mary and closer to Jesus.

Immaculate Conception

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