Indifferent, but in a good way

Lately it’s been difficult to be indifferent. I seem to be hyper-focused on created things or should I say “creating” things. I have lists, pages and pages of them, projects in all different stages, balls bouncing everywhere and I am often dependent on others to get IT done. That last point, oh my, that is so the one that gives me the most discomfort. I am not indifferent, instead I am too focused on how I want things to be.

I want to check things off my list so I can stop thinking about them. But I can’t. And so I must exercise patience and self-control. And try not to worry. For what will worry do? In the end, it most likely is the cause of wrinkles or sleeplessness or worse, both!
Pause. I need to pause and breathe and focus and pray. Then I can move forward with some degree of calm instead of agitation. I need to focus on being indifferent to those things which I have no control over and I also need to take tasks one at a time and see interruptions as opportunities to grow in trust.

I need to “pray, as if it all depends on God and work as if it all depends on me.” (St. Ignatius)

31 Days celebrating St. Ignatius Loyola

Indifferent, but in a good way
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