Three days into the week and I am ready for Friday.  Sunday was the last class for faith formation and we had a brief catechist meeting.  We had no lector for the 9 am Mass so I stepped in but did not wear a robe.  My lack of robe was discussed by the ushers over their weekly Sunday breakfast.  I guess they didn’t like my dress.  Then two of the catechists are not overly fond of me and so that was less than pleasant.  The rest of Sunday was great though, got to see lots of our friends.

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Yesterday I woke up with clogged ears again which means my hearing is a bit compromised so I double booked myself for lunch today.   I cancelled the lunch with friends instead of the one with my boss.  We had Greek food, yea!
This morning the copy machine tech man came to train us on the finer points of using the new copy machine.  We came clean and admitted that in less than a week we’d already cursed at the machine.  Then we proceeded to learn how to make booklets.  Well, not really.  It just isn’t quite right but will do until he figures out the right way.  While processing the fact that the tech guy was not having any more luck than I had with booklet making I felt something funny in my mouth.  What was it?  Why, a piece of my tooth, last lower left molar to be precise.  I am dental phobic complete with a gag reflex that can bring up stuff from dinner two weeks ago.  I do love my dentist but I really don’t like to see him.  But I will tomorrow afternoon to take care of my problem.  I am not eating before I go.  
I also found out that my clogged ears are part of a little virus I have combined with allergies.  My dark circles are a combination of lack of sleep, not enough thyroid medication and sinus issues.  
I heard an interesting comment today from a parent.  He requested a copy of his daughter’s baptismal certificate at another parish and was told they only take the requests on Fridays.  Not that they only produce them on Fridays which I could understand.  I don’t understand requests only on Fridays.  Do they schedule everything; like sick call requests on Mondays, priest appointment requests on Tuesday,  confession requests on Wednesdays, Mass card requests on Thursdays.  I know it sounds silly, but after having worked in many church offices throughout the years, sometimes we are silly.  And sometimes it is far worse than silly.
Is it strange for an adult to want to go bed before dark?  
Is it Friday Yet?

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