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I speak of Lent. Today is Ash Wednesday the first day of Lent. The day when we begin all of those carefully prayed over, thought out and discussed plans so we have an answer for the big Catholic query of the day, “What are you doing for Lent?”.

Oh, you don’t have an answer or maybe you do but you think it’s not quite enough? That’s okay. I may be right there with you. I say “may” because I feel I haven’t quite decided on my whole plan. I can also say, from personal experience, some of my best Lents have been when I planned very little and life events happened which propelled me into the season more deeply than I ever could have done. This may also be a season where there is so much going on in your life in terms of trials that not eating meat today and every Friday during Lent is enough. Maybe your Lent is to stop focusing on your trials and see the blessings in your life?

Remember too, that Lent is 40 days long. If you don’t have everything worked out today, there is still time.

Lent via your inbox
There are numerous options for daily Lenten emails out in cyberspace. Here are a few links to those I like:
Best Lent Ever from Dynamic Catholic
Pray more Lenten Retreat from the Pray more Novena site (new and I’m looking forward to this; they do a great job with novenas)
Living Lent Daily from Loyola Press
E-spirations from Steubenville University (I get this all year long and love it, great quotes with links to the daily readings included)
Books for Lent
I’m reading Walking in her Sandals edited by Kelly M. Wahlquist this Lent. You can read my review to learn more about it.
Other great books for Lent: The Ignatian Workout for Lent by Tim Muldoon; Who Does He Say You Are? by Colleen C. Mitchell; Rediscover Jesus by Matthew Kelly

Lent does not need to be complicated. We are not in competition with anyone else to have the perfect Lent. Think about it, of course, and then begin your walk. It’s a journey of 40 days of growing closer to the Father, to Jesus, to uniting ourselves to him through whatever we do in our daily life. Begin in hope, with joyful expectation that Lent is your time for renewal and refinement.

It’s here, now, today
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