It’s so Ordinary

Ordinary Time, the color green, this year we are listening to Matthew tell us about Jesus’ ministry and maybe, just maybe it seems a bit – well, ordinary. And it is. And it should be.

But let us not be hasty and confuse ordinary with boring. Just a few weeks ago we celebrated the Incarnation and now we have some time before Lent begins.

What do we do in Ordinary Time? We listen and learn about what Jesus did while with us. We hear the miracles of healing, casting out demons, and calming storms. We try to understand the parables and where we fit in those stories. We spend time learning who Jesus is and how he wants to lead us to his Father. This Ordinary Time prepares us for the next season, Lent.

There is wisdom in this cycle of time. While it may seem like nonstop celebrating is fun, we all know that it isn’t. Just as little children need routine and structure, adults do as well. And so the Church provides it.

If we are trying to grow in our faith, then we will use it to our benefit. Take small steps to incorporate more of the “ordinary” into your daily life. Read the daily readings, pray a rosary or chaplet while driving the parent taxi, listen to uplifting music, and remember to pray before meals and at bedtime.

Live in Ordinary Time fully engaged. Our lives are filled with ordinary moments and some of it can be boring. It is those very things, though, that we work out our purpose in this life and salvation in the next.

What is the one thing you can focus on during Ordinary Time that will help you in the seasons to come?

It’s so Ordinary
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